Back Office Technology Optimization

Fully realize cost savings & efficiencies in your administrative software


Custom Software Solutions

Tailored software solutions as unique as your school system


Instructional Technology Integration

Improve digital literacy in & out of the classroom to prepare your students for higher education & life after school


Software System Assessments

Make the right software decisions for the long-run



BLOOM is a web-based system that lets you easily monitor overall student behavior (positive & negative) & responses. BLOOM provides teachers & administrators with holistic, individualized student profiles to ensure that each student is given the highest quality, personalized attention from your school system.

SchoolSHARE is a secure, online asset sharing tool to help schools move unused assets into the hands of students that need them. SchoolSHARE is a unique database tool that provides staff access to needed surplus items
instead of putting them in storage or retiring them to local landfills.

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About lean Frog Digital

LEAN Frog Digital – founded by LEAN Frog – is a digital solutions provider for school systems focused on increasing value for students, parents, teachers and communities.

LEAN Frog was co-founded in 2009 in Huntsville, Alabama, and has since grown into an award-winning small business and trusted partner for schools across the Southeast. LEAN Frog aims to improve public education through the practical application of Lean Six Sigma tools and strategies.

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Bill Johnson

Managing Member/President

Byron Headrick

Managing Member/Chief Financial Officer